Kicking off 2020!

For as long as I can remember I have loved all things creative. From only asking for a pen and paper at Christmas, to watching my granddad renovate cars in his garage and to being completely obsessed with Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen growing up watching changing rooms.

(I'm even guilty of having had my own changing rooms dolls house)

All these things and more, steered me into a career of Interior Design. I would say I've achieved my "dream job" twice already in my life time. Something I need to remind myself of more. From getting my first big break with IKEA, a company I had idolised growing up to working for an award winning Interior Architecture firm designing commercial spaces. But the problem with achieving your "dream job" is that they never quite live up to your expectation. I've worked hard to become the designer I am today, from long days and stressful months, do I even say years - this industry has took every inch of me, chopped me up and put me back together with a new found confidence in my skill and a drive to deliver soulful, ethical and meaningful design.

My mission - is to explore and record the meaning of ethical interior design. Research new innovative materials, understand the psychology behind Interior Design and how I can use that to impact health and well being, investigate the true impact of Interior trends on our environment and discover those special brands that are are at the forefront of change. To find new inspiration figures like Neri Oxman, who I fell in love with this year after watching Netflix's documentary Abstract: The Art of Design. All of this I believe will help mould me into the designer I want to be.

I no longer strive for that "dream job" instead I strive to find value in myself and be proud of my developments. I suppose this blog will be a diary of my journey to becoming a more conscious designer, honoring my true values and interests.

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